Is membership for you?


Who is it for


The ARA is there to support re-enactors to enjoy their hobby whether you are:

  • a veteran re-enactor
  • a member of a well established or long running re-enactment group
  • new to re-enacting or 
  • are doing reenacting with a number of different groups


The ARA offers members, event organisers and the public, advice and guidance on such things as performance and display safety and the reasonable presentation of historical accuracy in recreational re-enactment activities.


Public liability protection


The ARA provides services such as public liability insurance for a wide range of re-enactment activities to help support independent groups and individuals to pursue their unique re-enactment interests in the manner that best suits each individual and group.





The ARA also acts to represent members’ interests in areas such as legislation that affects re-enactment activities.

Australian Re-enactors Association Inc
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A printable document is available on the Documents page that covers this topic in detail.  

Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct applies to all ARA members including Guests. ARA policies and Procedures can provide further details on specific requirements and practices.

Breaches of this code may result in disciplinary action.

The points outlined in this code are provided to demonstrate the behaviours required for the underlying values of the ARA.

ARA Members are expected to comply with the letter, spirit and intent of the ARA Constitution, By Laws, Code of Conduct, Policies and Practices and relevant legislation.  



  • We are all involved in the promotion and improvement of safety for all re-enactors and  the activities they enjoy.
  • Always adhere and abide with all safety By Laws, guidelines and principles of the ARA.
  • Ensure that the safety, health and welfare of our members and guests are paramount and no one is endangered during any re-enactment activities.
  • Actively promote and advocate safety awareness within the ARA, with its members and at its events.
  • Take the responsibility and initiative to educate new members on safety within re-enactment and contribute to a better culture by leading by example.
  • Co-operate with other ARA Members, event hosts and head combatants in their efforts to have safe and enjoyable activities and events for the enjoyment of everyone.
  • Take personal responsibility for your actions and conduct.
  • Report any incidents or injuries and report any unsafe practices to other ARA Members, Event Hosts and/or the ARA Committee.



  • Act with honesty, objectivity, openness and courage of conviction.
  • Deal justly with all issues and consistently manage all conflicts in an open and respectful manner.
  • Act ethically and to avoid actions that bring the ARA into disrepute
    • The ARA may be brought into disrepute by actions of its Members that are contrary or inconsistent with the letter, spirit and/or intent of the ARA’s Constitution, By Laws, Code of Conduct, Policies and Practices.
  • Ensure communication is carried out in an open and transparent manner.
  • Respect the privacy of members where it is appropriate to do so.
    • Protection of Privacy should be judged with consideration of:
      • Obligations under legislation to protect privacy
      • Obligations to report wrongdoing and improper actions/behaviour
    • ARA Members should not expect Privacy to protect unacceptable behaviour amongst its members from being reported and dealt with.
  • Do not represent the ARA as actively supporting or promoting a political view or outcome.
  • Promote association goals and policies by following the most effective and compliant course of action.
  • Adhere to the letter,  spirit and intent of the ARA’s Constitution, By Laws, Code of Conduct, Policies and Practices and relevant legislation
  • Do not participate in fraudulent, or corrupt conduct
    • The ARA adopts the ICAC definitions of Fraud and Corruption
  • Do not engage in slander, bullying, prejudice or harassment in any form including the use of social Media:
    • Bullying and harassment will be taken seriously by the ARA.
    • The ARA adopts Fair Work Australia’s 2012 full bench ruling on comments made in Social Media as follows:
      • Comments on social media are not necessarily private.
      • Comments can be forwarded electronically to a much wider audience than intended.
      • Even if comments are restricted to eg Facebook friends only, this is still a wide audience.
      • Comments on social media leave a permanent written record and are not the same as conversations (eg) in a pub.
      • Such comments are much more serious than a discussion among a few friends in a social setting and have a different characteristic.
    • Posting derogatory, offensive or discriminatory comments about others on social media might provide a valid reason for disciplinary action including termination of membership.
  • Do not make decisions for personal gain at the expense of the association or its members or participate in outside activities where there is a conflict of interest:
  • Be responsible and accountable for both your words and actions and to uphold these values always


Respect for our people, community, hobby and past-time  

  • Help contribute to an association that actively encourages and promotes co-operation, trust and support amongst its members free from prejudice, victimisation, harassment and bullying.
  • Respect the rich diversity available within the re-enactment community and embrace the differing levels of ideology, focus and approach on offer.
  • Respect the diversity of individuals by treating others equally irrespective of the focus or level of commitment/investment towards their chosen hobby or past-time.
  • Respect to our members by treating them equally and fair, regardless of their gender, marital status, race, age, religion or sexual preference.
  • Always act as a responsible member within our community.


Our Shared Success

  • Observe and practice fairness and equity when dealing with other members on a large scale.
  • Identify common goals and opportunities and implement actions to maximise re-enactor participation.
  • Increase the levels of co-operation, understanding and trust amongst all ARA members.
  • Encourage innovation and excellence within the ARA and to promote greater organisational performance amongst its members
  • Recognise and positively reinforce the behaviour outlined in this Code.
  • Actively work with others toward these goals and pursuits and communicate regularly with one another about the progress.
  • Look for ways to improve methods and processes to further develop and solve problems collaboratively.
  • Return to focussing on having some recreational enjoyment and fun from our hobby and past-time.



  • Provide guidance, assistance and encouragement to any individuals and groups looking to improve their individual or collective authenticity.
  • Respect standards of authenticity that individuals and groups have set for themselves.
  • Respect the stated authenticity standards of events that you are attending and comply, as much as is reasonably practical, with those standards.
  • Impart your knowledge and skills where you can, for further development and recognise and support results.
  • Contribute to community growth by enthusiastically participating, as much as is reasonably practical,  in all development activities provided eg workshops at events.
  • Within reason, always dress appropriate and in the spirit for your chosen portrayal, re-enactment or activity.
  • Recognise and accept that not every group or individual may share the same focus or approach as you.



    The ARA Committee is committed to this Code of Conduct and undertakes to lead by example.